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Miles Jones Elementary School opened its doors for the first time to students in September, 1999. Miles Jones Elementary was named in honor of Dr. Miles Jerome Jones. Dr. Jones was an outstanding educator who positively impacted the lives of children  and adults. Our school is a beautiful facility, making both students and staff alike very proud. Its' clientele includes preschool through grade five, inclusive of Exceptional Education classes. Jones Elementary serves just over 500 students. Our motto here at Jones Elementary is: "a place where everyone is special."

Miles Jerome Jones Elementary offers a digital campus with over 30 classrooms, each equipped with networked computers, printers, and wall-mounted televisions accessed through teachers' computers, and telephones. The complex includes a computer lab, music room, gymnatorium that shares a common stage with the cafeteria, and a fully automated media center. The building is wired throughout for internet wireless access and utilizes a state-of-the-art bulletin board system as well as a video retrieval and management system.


Mission: The mission of Miles Jones Elementary School, the pathway to innovation and educational excellence, is to challenge, support, encourage, empower, and prepare all students to become independent thinkers, achieve their greatest potential, and to be competitive and successful in a global society, by cultivating their inherent abilities through diverse learning environment, led by qualified, committed and passionate educators, families, and community members.

Vision:To provide students with a high quality education in a nurturing learning environment that engages all to be contributing members of a global society.